Meet the characters in our story. The crime and trial are fictional, but the judge and legal staff are real. How might Jimmy’s upbringing, friends, family and other influences have affected his actions? 

Ahmed Al-Laz
Ahmed Al-Laz
The Victim

Ahmed Al-Laz is an Egyptian immigrant, now a U.S. citizen, who’s lived here for ten years. Working minimum wage jobs, Ahmed put himself through school. It took him several years to complete, but when he finally got his degree, he decided to purchase the gas station convenience store with hopes of expanding. He had owned the store for two years when the night of April 4th changed everything for him.

Three young men came in just before closing, held a gun to his face and screamed for the money in the till. Suddenly, his wife, Sheree, opened the door to the back room to see what the commotion was. She was shot quickly and fell instantly to the ground, her head bleeding.

Ahmed Al-Laz is played by actor Ibrahim Miari.