Meet the characters in our story. The crime and trial are fictional, but the judge and legal staff are real. How might Jimmy’s upbringing, friends, family and other influences have affected his actions? 

Jimmy Moran
Jimmy Moran
The Defendant

Age: 18  Race: Caucasian  DOB: April 3, 1995

Jimmy Moran grew up in the projects of a major US city. Born to an Irish immigrant, Fiona Martin, he never knew his real father. Fiona married a man named Patrick Dugan when Jimmy was just 3 years old. Patrick suffered from manic depression and drank heavily, yet for the most part, he and Jimmy had a good relationship. However, when Fiona gave birth to a second child, Sean, Patrick turned his sites to his real son and began neglecting Jimmy. Patrick also struggled as the primary breadwinner and when he couldn’t make ends meet, he would take out his aggression on Jimmy physically abusing him. Jimmy started acting out at school and getting involved with a bad crowd at school.

When Jimmy turned 15, Patrick and he had an altercation and Jimmy fought back, seriously injuring Patrick. Fiona then told Jimmy to leave and never return, at which point he took up residence in an abandoned apartment complex in the projects. He never had contact with his parents again. Jimmy started selling cocaine full time for a local gang and got heavily addicted to it. One day while working, Jimmy saw an old classmate walking by, Melodie Brown. Jimmy was immediately smitten and started courting her, yet Melodie had a condition he must abide by in order to date her: no drugs.

Realizing Jimmy’s situation, Melodie asked her grandmother and mother, whom she lived with, if Jimmy could stay while he got clean. The Brown family took Jimmy in, nursed him back to health, and helped him get on track to graduate high school on time. To earn extra money away from the gang, Jimmy worked at a local fast food restaurant. One night, on his way from work, a few of the gang members jumped him and told him he had to come back to the gang or they would harm Melodie. Reluctantly, Jimmy returned to the abandoned apartment complex and went back to his old ways of dealing and doing drugs. But he never lost full contact with Melodie and when she is accepted to Boise State full academic scholarship, Jimmy told her he planned to go with her and get out of town for good.

On the night of April 4th, 2012, some of Jimmy’s friends threw him an 18th birthday party. One mentioned a gas station nearby that is housing $5,000 for a rival gang. The kids got loaded on cocaine, alcohol, and ecstasy and decided to rob the gas station the next evening. Jimmy told Melodie about the robbery and asked her to provide an alibi in case he is caught. He asked her to meet him in the early morning hours of April 6th at a hotel on the south side of town. Melodie complies yet Jimmy never shows.  She returned home to find police looking to question her.  As promised, Melodie tells them that Jimmy was with her all night.

Jimmy Moran is played by actor Luke Murtha. Read more.