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Artvigil is a generic name for a drug which is made using Armodafinil, an FDA-approved drug. This drug is manufactured by HAB Pharmaceuticals and Research Ltd in India. Artvigil is must try for wakefulness.

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About Artvigil-150 mg:

Artvigil is a generic name for a drug which is made using Armodafinil, an FDA-approved drug. This drug is manufactured by HAB Pharmaceuticals and Research Ltd in India.Like all cognitive-enhancing drugs, this drug acts as a neurostimulant and affects the chemicals in the brain to reduce sleepiness. It is used to keep away sleep during day times or work hours and make a person feel more alert or energetic. Because of this function, Artvigil is prescribed to people who have a sleep disorder, like obstructive sleep apnea, or suffer from narcolespsy.Armodafinil is an enantiopure (mirror-image) version of modafinil, which means it is R-modafinil (armodafinil). This R-modafinil was found to have a slightly stronger effect than modafinil. Therefore, instead of the 200mg dosage for modafinil, the manufacturers released the drug in a smaller dose of 150 mg to offset the higher potency. Must try Artvigil to increase efficiency of your work.

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Artivigil reduces extreme sleepiness due to conditions like narcolepsy (excessive daytime sleepiness) and other sleeping disorders. The drug also helps you remain awake during your work hours if you have a shift that occurs during night time (shift work sleeping disorder).Although it can help treat symptoms of these conditions, it is not able to permanently “cure” these sleep disorders. It also may not get rid of all your sleepiness. Additionally, it should not be taken as a drug to hold off getting enough sleep. It should also not be given to treat tiredness or hold off sleep in people, especially the elderly, who d not have any sleep conditions.

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Why this drug is So Popular?

Artvigil is the most affordable form of the drug armodafinil and it does not compromise on quality. This is the biggest reason why it is so popular.Artvigil can cost users 20% less than its main competitor, Waklert, which also has the active ingredient armodafinil.Additionally, Artvigil isn’t as potent as Waklert or US-based drug Nuvigil. This isn’t necessarily bad news since some people find Waklert and other forms of armodafinil too invigorating and they can make them feel anxious and less productive, which defeats the purpose of taking the drug.If you are looking for just a little bit of boost of concentration, then Artvigil is a good option for you. However, if you want something more potent, you should look for another dug like Waklert.


Artvigil is manufactured and recommended to be taken in doses of 150 mg per day. This comprise of one tablet. This is the standard dosage for all types of armodafinil drugs.Exceeding the prescribed dose can make you develop negative side effects. That’s because armodafinil has a longer half-life than modafinil and stays in the body for a long time. Therefore, it is recommended that you only take one dose per day to avoid overdosing, which can prevent you from sleeping.Additionally, there are some people who are sensitive to armodafinil and can only tolerate smaller doses. For such people, a 75mg dose is recommended and this can easily be achieved by breaking the tablet into two with the help of the crease down the center.Some people are more sensitive to the effects of armodafinil and require a smaller dose. Artvigil makes this process simple by making their tablets with a crease down the center.

Side Effects of Artvigil

Like all pharmaceutical drugs, Artvigil has some side effects, although these aren’t very common. These can range from:

  • Headaches and dizziness
  • Dry mouth, dehydration, and extreme thirst
  • Nausea
  • Insomnia
  • Euphoria and hallucinations
  • Disorientation and confusion
  • Anxiety and aggression
  • Skin irritations
  • Diarrhea and stomach pain
  • Difficulty in breathing

Some people don’t experience any side effects after a single use but may start to feel side effects gradually after reputed use. This may be due to the bigger half life of armodafinil. The half life is the measure of how quickly the drug is cleared form the body.

The half life of Artvigil is 13 hours, which means if you take a dose before the 13 hours are up, you will have about 1.5 times the normal dose in your body, because the body will not have time to fully clear itself of the previous dosage.

That is why it is important not to take more than one dosage a day.

If you encounter any adverse symptoms, depending on the severity, we recommend you consult your doctor and avoid taking Artvigil.

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Drug Interactions With Artvigil

Drug interactions may change how Artvigil works, may reduce its affects, or may result in side effects.


More popularly known as Ecstasy, this drug is usually taken for recreational purposes but also as a second-line drug to treat Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD). Artvigil may have adverse affect when taken with methamphetamine.


Artvigil can also decrease the potency of contraceptive, resulting in risk of unplanned pregnancy. Ask your doctor if you could use other more reliable methods of birth control while and one month after using this drug. If your birth control isn’t working well, you may see signs of breakthrough bleeding.

Cough/Cold Meds:

Some drugs when used in conjunction with Artvigil can raise your blood pressures and put you at risk of heart palpitations. These include medication to treat the common cold and cough and diet aids.


Beverages containing caffeine, like coffee, tea, and cola, and eating a lot of chocolate can increase the risk of side effects of Artvigil.


Since armodafinil is very similar to modafinil, do not take Artvigl if you are using medication containing modafinil.

Precautions While Taking Artvigil

As with all pharmaceutical drugs, you need to take some precautions while taking Artvigil. These include:

  • Taking Artvigil 150 gms only once a day or as prescribed by your medical practitioner. Do not skip or              suddenly stop using the medicine if you have already started a course.
  • Keep note of your health and make sure you are not experiencing any side effects.
  • Some things that you need to look out for is hallucination, disorientation, numbness, changes in mood,        dark urine, and swallowing difficulties. In any case of adverse symptoms, pay a visit to your doctor                immediately.
  • As Artvigil contains armodafinil, make sure you let your doctor know if you have a history of anxiety or         heart problems.
  • Pregnant women should exercise caution and speak to their doctors first before taking Artvigil. In some       cases, the drug is known to effect the fetal movement and result in abortion.

Where to Buy Artivigil 150 mg

There are several online pharmaceutical vendors that sell Artvigil. However, the product they sell is of dubious quality at best and must be avoided. Some armodafinil vendors also take long delivery times, have poor customer service and dubious business practices.This is why we strongly advise you research properly and only buy Artvigil from reliable and affordable sources. We recommend you buy Artvigil from (website name).buy Artvigil

Bottom Line

Artvigil is the most affordable form of armodafinil but has slightly less potency than Waklert. It is one of the best nootropics for improving alertness, concentration, and memory. Because of this, it is taken by people who have shift work sleeping disorder, military personnel on overnight missions, and artists and creative workers who need to jog their minds.Artvigil