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Limitless Pill (NZT-48) a Real Pill ? Billionaire’s secret Pill.

Is the Limitless Pill a Real Pill?

If you have seen the movie “Limitless” you remember the main character taking NZT-48. The NZT pill (Limitless Pill) might not exist in the real world, but there is a nootropic that is strongly compared to it known as Modafinil. Adults lead stressful and busy lives and a smart drug can make it considerably easier to remain productive, alert and energized despite this.limitless pill

Modafinil is a limitless pill in real life. Learning more about it will show you that you can find something on the market that ensures you have the productivity and motivation you require to enjoy optimal performance.

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Exploring How Modafinil Works

As of today, scientists do not fully understand what the mechanism of action is for Modafinil. However, they do have a basic understanding of how the smart drug operates in the body. It has both antioxidative and neuroprotective effects. It could aid in enhancing cognitive function as a result of utilizing different neurocognitive mechanisms. Researchers have found that Modafinil will:

  • Enhancing memory and attention processing
  • Enhancing memory in people who are both alert and fatigued
  • Decreasing ADHD symptoms
  • Increasing a person’s subjective attention span
  • Increasing processing accuracy
  • Decreasing both physical and mental fatigue
  • Improving a person’s reaction time
  • Improving a person’s overall well-being
  • Heightening overall alertness
  • Decreasing a person’s appetite
  • Enhancing motivation even when a task is cognitively exhausting

Proper Usage of Modafinil

Taking this limitless drug at the proper dose is critical to ensure that you get the full benefits. Most people will start off taking 100 milligrams per day and will take this dose for approximately one week. For some people, this dose will be sufficient in enhancing their cognitive performance. However, the general daily dose is 200 milligrams. After one week of 100 milligrams per day, those who are not getting the boost they desire can increase their intake to 200 milligrams daily.

It is not necessary to take this with food. What is important is that it is taken within an hour of waking. With a half-life of 15 hours, if this nootropic is taken too late in the day, you might not be able to fall asleep at night. Make sure to give yourself 15 hours between your daily dose and when you go to bed. You only take Modafinil once per day.

Possible Side Effects When Taking Modafinil

All of the research so far shows that this limitless pill is relatively safe as long as you are taking it as directed. The potential side effects are minimal and when someone does experience them, they are generally mild. As you continue to use Modafinil, the side effects will usually start to decrease and then eventually go away. The side effects that are most often reported by users include stomachache, headache and insomnia.

There is a chance that while you are using Modafinil that you might become so focused on the task at hand that you could lose track of time. To help reduce the risk of this effect, simply utilize different time management methods so that you are constantly aware of the time that is elapsing. 

Where and How to Buy the Limitless Pill

When you are ready to try this smart drug for yourself, you want to make sure to choose a high-quality option. Modafinil is only available via prescription in the United States, but there is a nootropic form called Adrafinil that does not require a prescription. This nootropic is a compound of Modafinil and Adrafinil becomes Modafinil in the body after it is processed by the liver.

Modafinil is the real life NZT pill that could help you to get more done each day. You should talk to your doctor before using this nootropic to ensure that it is safe for you. Make sure that you are following all dosage guidelines too so that you can focus on reaping the benefits.

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