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“Picamilon”: Your Answer to anxiety ? – Review (2019)

Picamilon is a Nootropic that induces feelings of serenity without getting the user fatigued.

It comprises of the amino acid GABA (= imperative neurotransmitter, which is in charge of the anxiolytic and relaxing impact) and vitamin B3 (niacin), which enables GABA to cross the blood-brain boundary .


Picamilon was created in the late 1960s (together with Phenibut) as a ProGABA compound in Russia. GABA alone is ineffectively consumed by the body , so it was searching for an form that enables GABA to cross the blood-brain barrier.
The researchers defeated this issue by consolidating the substances GABA and niacin (vitamin B3), from which Picamilon was developed.


When it enters the brain, it parts into its segments, GABA interfaces there with the related receptors, there to discharge its anxiolytic and relaxing impact.
Vitamin B3 has a vasodilator impact that increases blood flow.
Different names: nicotinoyl-GABA, N – (3-carboxypropyl) – nicotinamide, Pikamilon, Pycamilon.

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Quick Facts of Picamilon

  • Picamilon was conceived when Russian specialists tried looking for a substance that would enable GABA to cross the blood-brain barrier and enter the brain to a great extent unaltered.
  • It decreases tension and stress , relaxes and builds the capacity to learn . Numerous users report a vanishing of nervousness, bashfulness, and expanded skill in social circumstances.
  • It loosens up the muscles and builds the blood flow in the brain, without causing drowsiness .
  • Dosage: 50-300mg every day. It has a brief length of activity , so the everyday doses ought to be separated into 2 – 3 single dosages .
  • The body develops after some time a resilience on against Picamilon, so it must be consumed in cycles. (Take 2 weeks, one off).
  • It appears to be for the most part free of reactions. Fundamentally the typical intolerance cases are accounted for, for example, headache, nausea, diarrhea, sluggishness.

Picamilon in the stack

It’s futile to stack picamilon with other nootropics that increase GABA levels and blood flow. Phenibut and Vinpocetine have a comparable style of activity, so they must not be stacked with Picamilon.

Different anxiolytics ( Bacopa monnieri , magnesium, aniracetam ) that have an impact which is different and might be considered.

Another arrangement is to join with a stimulant , which could cause an “unmistakable” increase in energy (like the caffeine + theanine stack).

Picamilon together with modafinil or caffeine is a solid mix.


Picamilon must not be taken with different anxiolytics (anti-stress medications) or substances that influence GABA. Converse with your specialist on the off chance that you are taking meds that fall into these classes.

In a few sources, a daily dosage between 50 to 300mg is given. The body disintegrates Picamilon rapidly (half-life around 2 hours.), Therefore, the everyday sum ought to be isolated into 2-3 single doses.

The impact happens after around 60 minutes.

Because of the development of resilience, it is typically prescribed in cycles. An intake proportion of 2: 1 is a decent way to begin.

Example: take 2 weeks (every day), and then discontinue for one week.

 In many investigations, intake is said to traverse half a month, proposing that the body constructs resistance to the substance (as against most substances whose method of activity depends on the modification of synapses), and will in a perfect world be utilized in cycles should it be taken.

At first, just a little doses ought to be taken, depending upon how the body responds, then its daily dosages can be altered to increase or decrease.

Recording and Absorption

It has been found by animal research that it can cross the blood-brain barrier, and after around 20 minutes the most extreme concentration in the blood is come to.

In spite of the fact that it is composed in numerous sources that it is hydrolyzed in the brain to GABA and niacin, there is no reasonable proof for it.

GABA is inadequately used through oral admission , and is to a great extent unfit to cross the blood-brain barrier.


Picamilon Molecule Structure


Most research on Picamilon was distributed a couple of decades back in Russia (Russian). A large number of these test outcomes are not all that simple to discover on the web, so a few sources are missing here.

  • Muscle relaxant

In Contrast to different sedatives, Picamilon just appears to work in the brain without causing weakness.

A Russian report focuses to a conceivable use in atheletics, since it works muscle-loosening up ( muscle relaxant ), without influencing the muscle tissue.

Different analysts guarantee that it is a relaxant that does not cause physical weariness.

  • Increased Blood Flow in the CNS

In Russia, Picamilon is utilized to treat headache, ischemia, and cerebrovascular infections.

It is a vasodilator ; Most likely, the niacin part is in charge of this impact.

  • Learning capacity

There have been signs in rat that demonstrate an expanded capacity to learn . Expanded outcomes have been found in tries different things with electric stuns and water

  • Stress Reduction and Normalizing Effect

In examinations with mice one watched a considerable decrease of the pressure stack .

“the impact of picamilon was intense to the point that the parameters contemplated amid pressure were indistinguishable with levels in the flawless group.”


Picamilon is a structure of GABA (gamma-aminobutyric acid)and niacin (vitamin B3) ; the raised pressure resistance is positively because of GABA, it brings down the neuronal excitement, and goes about as a narcotic.

Niacin is known for its vasodilating property . Picamilon expands blood stream in the brain of animals, because of the niacin part of the particle.


Side effects and safety

Picamilon is a form of GABA (gamma-aminobutyric acid)and niacin (vitamin B3) ; the hoisted stress resistance is surely because of GABA, it brings down the neuronal excitement, and goes about as a narcotic.

Niacin is known for its vasodilating property . Picamilon expands blood stream in the mind of creatures, because of the niacin part of the particle.


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